Changes to the Statistics Minor

Beginning with the Fall 2020 Semester the Statistics Department will:

1. Eliminate the existing Minor in Statistical Analysis of Social Behavior
2. Establish a Minor in Statistics
3. Establish a Minor in Data Analytics

(Students who have already declared the Minor in Statistical Analysis of Social Behavior by the end of the Spring 2020 semester will be allowed to continue that minor or change to one of the two new ones)

Program Descriptions:


Minor in Data Analytics

The target audience for Minor in Data Analytics are students who are interested in learning from data but
who may have little or no experience with data analysis. It requires no prior experience with statistics,
computing, or data analysis. Students completing this minor will gain significant experience preparing
data for analysis, extracting information and conclusions from data, and communicating results.

Minor in Statistics

The target audience for this minor are students with some prior experience with statistics, mathematics,
and computing who would like a deeper understanding of data and statistics.