COLLOQUIA IS HELD FROM 2:00-3:00  in CLARK 101 (unless otherwise noted)


Special Colloquia - Halsey Hall Rooom 120

January 15th - Dr. Tianxi Li, U. of Michigan  10:45AM

January 18th   Ms. Maria Tackett, U. of Virginia, PhD Candidate 12:00 noon

January 22nd  Dr. Alexander Giessing, U. of Michigan  10:45AM

January 24th   Dr. Daniel McDonald, U. of Michigan    10:45AM

January 24th   Mr. Dylan Glotzer, UNC-Chapel Hill  12:00 noon

January 26th   Dr. Julia Fukuyama, Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute  2:00PM


Regular Colloquia - Clark 101 - 2:00 PM

March 16th   Dr. Peter Song, University of Michigan

March 23rd   Dr. Jie Peng, UC-Davis

March 30th    Dr. Guannan Wang, College of William & Mary

April 6th         Dr. Wang Xiao, Purdue Unviersity

April 13th       Dr. Guo Ying, Emory University