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  1. Biology

    Bachelor of Arts Degree Bachelor of Science Degree Minor Distinguished Majors Program ...

    artsci - 2018-10-30 16:28

  2. Biomedical Sciences

    Please see the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Record and the program’s web site ... for information regarding degree requirements, course offerings, faculty research and contact information. ... Biomedical Sciences ...

    artsci - 2013-01-04 10:44

  3. Bachelor of Science in Biology (B.S.)

    BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (B.S.) IN BIOLOGY     HEGIS CODE: 160401 Students who complete a B.S. degree ... in the biological sciences immediately after graduation. Completion of the B.S. degree does  not  necessarily confer ... the significantly greater number of science courses required for the B.S. degree makes it extremely difficult ...

    artsci - 2018-08-20 20:24

  4. Job/Internship Announcements

    TO PERFORM ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Education/Training and Experience Bachelor’s/Master’s/Ph.D. degree from a four ... CBO is currently accepting applications from those with a  graduate degree in public policy, public ... administration, or a related field or those with a bachelor's degree in those areas and at least two years ...

    ef8t - 2016-07-28 08:22

  5. Requirements for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology Effective August 1, 2015

    credits in the College required for the degree, and it does not satisfy the Natural Science ... Requirements for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology         (B.A. & B.S. declaration ... completed after August 1, 2015)          The requirements for the Biology B.S. degree are summarized below.  ...

    jkj3e - 2018-06-28 14:21

  6. Colloquium Seminar on Sociological Issues- Spring 2017

    memories multidimensional, multidirectional and open to revisiting. February 16, 2017 Master ... ambitious sociological projects ever conceived in social sciences.  According to older narratives ... in the studies of the Durkheimian school as a movement in international social sciences.   April 20, 2017 ...

    Joyce Holleran - 2017-03-15 15:56

  7. Ru-Pei Yeh Cello Master Class

    under the tutelage of Laurence Lesser, and her master’s degree from The Juilliard School in 2004, ... at the Temple Preparatory School. She received her bachelor of music degree from the New England Conservatory ... for the master class will be selected in advance. This event is free and open to the public but RSVP ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 2017-10-10 14:26

  8. Degree Requirements

    In order to earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree and graduate, all ... University of Virginia College of Arts & Sciences students must: Earn  120 credits  of course work in  8 ... degrees. Students who earned a baccalaureate degree at UVA or at another institution are not eligible ...

    artsci - 2018-11-26 09:30

  9. Early Degree Completion

    The University provides opportunities for students to obtain a  degree  in fewer than four years ... in various Arts and Sciences disciplines by combining credits earned through the  Advanced Placement  program ... the sequencing of courses required for professional degrees commonly requires four full years.   ...

    Carey Carothers - 2018-02-19 15:19

  10. Job Search Resources for Economics Majors (Master List)

    sites   Pursuing a Graduate Degree in Economics List of Management/Leadership/Rotational programs ...

    ef8t - 2015-12-07 13:23