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  1. Chemistry

    Bachelor of Arts Degree Bachelor of Science Degree Minor Distinguished Majors Program ...

    artsci - 2011-09-08 10:45

  2. Chemistry

    Bachelor of Arts Degree Bachelor of Science Degree Minor Distinguished Majors Program ...

    Carey Carothers - 2015-05-12 11:22

  3. Graduate Petition Forms

    would otherwise be the case.  Students who wish to obtain a Master of Arts degree should note ... hours toward the Department’s coursework requirement for the Ph.D. degree.  (By University regulation, ... hours required for a Ph.D. degree.)  Petitions must be submitted during the student’s first semester ...

    master - 2017-10-12 14:18

  4. Stratification: Socioeconomic and Sexual Inequality

    Lesser Blumberg Typically the way the social science pie is cut up, most anthropologists study ... of inequality share important elements of common explanation. In both instances the degree of access ...

    master - 2014-01-25 16:28

  5. Making Sense of Modern Times: Peter L. Berger and the Vision of Interpretive Sociology

    as political science, public policy, history, religious studies, and theology. Making Sense of Modern Times ... and assess the degree to which Berger succeeds of fails in his efforts. The book includes a contribution from ...

    master - 2014-01-24 18:41

  6. Types of Majors

    submit a written thesis. Almost all degree programs in the College of Arts & Sciences offer ... degree from the College and a Master of Teaching degree from the Curry School of Education. Students will ... a Distinguished Majors Program. Visit the complete listing of degree programs to browse specific requirements ...

    artsci - 2017-09-20 11:46

  7. Deadlines

    The following deadlines apply to both the doctoral and master’s degree programs in the fields ... below.  Please refer to the admission sites for the Biomedical Sciences and Public Health regarding ... Economics Environmental Sciences French German Linguistics Mathematics Philosophy Physics Slavic Statistics     ...

    artsci - 2016-08-30 15:24

  8. Graduate

    programs in economics for those seeking a master's degree.) The Economics Department is one of over 30 ... (Please note: UVa does not offer a terminal M.A. degree in economics. The AEA provides a list of U.S. ... programs within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The Ph.D. program in Economics provides training ...

    artsci - 2016-07-07 10:48

  9. UVA Chamber Music Series- Rachel Duncan, trumpet

    a master’s of music degree. After earning her degree at Northwestern, Rachel was awarded a position ... in Percussion Performance at Carnegie Mellon University.  She received her Master of Music degree from ... Fulbright Conference. Shelby received her Master of Music degree from the University of Maryland and her ...

    Marcy Day - 2017-10-10 14:40

  10. Exchanges

    earned a master's degree and been admitted to the doctoral program at UVA before the time ... The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences maintains exchange agreements with the following ... except medicine Eligibility: Doctoral and master’s students enrolled in GSAS with demonstrated language ...

    artsci - 2013-01-31 16:38