Grad Student Seminar - Brian Simonson

Friday, November 12, 2021


Friday, November 19th - Brian Simonson at 3:30PM

Zoom + Halsey 120

Brian earned his Master's from the UVA Statistics Department in 1998 and is currently a Senior Vice President at the Lewin Group, a consulting group that works in health care and human services analytics. Brian works day-to-day in statistical analytics, healthcare policy, and big data management. More of his bio can be found here.


***Zoom + Halsey 120 means the speaker will be giving the talk over Zoom, but we will put the Zoom call up in Halsey 120 if you would like to join other students in person.

***Halsey 120 + Zoom means the speaker(s) will be in Halsey 120, but a Zoom will be set up for those who cannot attend in person.