The Statatics department does not have any "official" tutors or tutoring services, and we do not guarantee any particular outcome from tutoring, the list below features names of folks who have expressed interest in tutoring Statistics courses at UVA. Please contact them directly to make arrangements; we generally recommend meeting in a public place, such as a library. 

Tristan Baird <tb8fu@virginia.edu>

Sydney Campbell <sac5up@virginia.edu>

Cara Curran <cc5ty@virginia.edu>

Krit Chanwong <kc5wz@virginia.edu>

Ishaan Dey <id8tm@virginia.edu>

Ryan Farmar <rcf6dd@virginia.edu>

Shelby Haeff<sh2nxm@virginia.edu>

Swetha Kota <sk6jt@virginia.edu>

Ayah Kuwaifi <ask8rf@virginia.edu>

Galvin Li <zgl8ws@virginia.edu>

George Sawyer <gws4bc@virginia.edu>

Birgitta Taylor-lillquist <bct6cfu@virginia.edu>

Sandy Tiv <st7trz@virginia.edu>

Zain Zahir <zsz7xr@virginia.edu>