The Department of Statistics conducts fundamental research and guides students in developing the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to model, analyze and understand real-world data arising in science, medicine, and social sciences.

Upcoming Events

January 19
Dr. Andrea Kaplan, Iowa State University
January 23
Dr. Bernard Silverman, Chief Scientist, Home Office, UK
January 25
Dr. Tyler McCormick, University of Washington

News & Announcements

SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM - Wednesday, 12:00 noon Halsey 120

Dr. Tyler McCormick, Washington State University

Dr. Bernard Silverman, Chief Scientific Adviser, Home Office, UK


Monday, January 23rd
Nau 101, 4:00 PM

Special Colloquium

Thursday, January 19th
Dr. Andrea Kaplan, Iowa State University
Halsey Hall Conference room - 11:00 AM