Cavalytics Competition 2018

The Department of Statistics is hosting a data analysis competition, to be run as a pre-competition to the ASA statistical computing section’s Data Expo 2018 ( The departmental competition is for undergraduate students currently registered in a Statistics course at the 3000 level and above. Either single entries, or teams up to 3 students, may enter. No student may be listed in more than 1 entry.
The winner(s) will have the opportunity to enter their analysis into the Data Expo 2018 competition as the official winner of the UVA statistics department competition, which will take place at JSM 2018 in Vancouver, B.C. The winner(s) will receive support from the department for this trip.
Contest Description
See the Data Expo 2018 (above) for more details on the competition and data set. This year’s challenge addresses uncertainty in weather forecasts. The contest is open-ended: no specific questions have been stated, but the organizers do provide some questions that could be addressed and that motivate further potential questions. These include questions about forecast accuracy as a function of location and/or how far out a forecast is being made; distribution of the forecast errors; and changes in forecast accuracy over time.
Important Dates
1. February 7th: Indicate your entry into the competition by sending your name to Professor Rodu at
2. April 11th: Competition abstracts are due to Professor Rodu
3. April 18th: Competition
Upon entering the competition, you will be assigned an adviser from the department faculty. It is recommended that you contact your adviser soon afterwards to schedule an initial meeting. In the first meeting, you should be prepared to
1. Discuss ideas for analyses
2. Provide and discuss a timeline for project completion
Further meetings should be arranged between you and your adviser. The adviser’s primary role will be to gently encourage you to meet the goals and deadlines laid out in your project timeline. The adviser can also provide feedback and suggestions on ideas, but the ideas should be your own.
Further details on requirements for the day of competition are forthcoming.