COLLOQUIUM: Dr. Heping Zhang

Statistics Department Diploma Ceremonies 12:30pm

Department Orientation - For all GRAD Students

Dr. Judy (Huixia) Wang, George Washington University

Gaussian Differential Privacy - Dr. Weijie Su, U. Pennsylvania

Colloquium - Dr. Zhijin Wu, Brown University

Colloquium - Dr. Ming Tan, Georgetown University

Colloquium - Dr. Peng Wang

Colloquium - Dr. Bin Nan, UC-Irvine

The Virginia Chapter of the ASA, 2019

Colloquium - Dr. Wenbin Lu, NC State

Data Tripper: Distinguishing Authorship of Beatles Songs through Data Science

Colloquium - Dr. Po-Ling Loh. U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Guo Yu, U of Washington

Xiucai Ding, Duke University

Fangzheng Xie, Johns Hopkins University

Shan Yu, Iowa State University

Guoqing Diao, George Mason University

Huixia Judy Wang, George Washington U and National Science Foundation

Qing Mai, Florida State University

Dr. William Myers - Proctor & Gamble

Dr. Jaroslaw Harezlak - Indiana U

Dr. Eric Chi - North Carolina State University

D.r Xingzhou Guo - Harvard


Dr. Jesus Arroyo Relion, Johns Hopkins University & University of Maryland

Dr. Boxiang Wang, University of Iowa

Dr. Paromita Dubey, Stanford University

Dr. Pingshou Zhong, University of Illinois at Chicago