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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students interested in research have several options across Grounds. Whether or not you have an idea of what type of research interests you, the Office of Undergraduate Research is a great resource for finding, initiating, funding, conducting, presenting, and publishing research, including workshops and office hours listed on their outreach page.

Be aware that not all faculty have the capacity to become undergraduate research mentors, so you may want to find and contact around 10 possible mentors whose research interests you. Statistics Department faculty have their research interests listed on their faculty pages. Other departments whose researchers may have data that needs analyzing are listed below.

For summer research, the NSF funds Research Opportunities for Undergraduates (REU) sites that may be of interest.

The Statistics Department does not award credit for research conducted outside of UVA, nor can we award credit for research for which a student is paid. To receive academic credit for UVA research conducted outside of the Statistics Department, a Statistics Department faculty member must be involved as a co-mentor.

Departments for Independent Research Opportunities

Biocomplexity Institute



Environmental Sciences


Departments in the School of Medicine