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Minor in Statistics

EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 6, 2023: Our minors (Statistics and Data Analytics) currently require an application to declare, and no minor declarations will be processed during advising hours at this time. Details regarding the application are available on the minor application information page.

The minor in Statistics is for students with some prior experience with statistics and computing who would like a deeper understanding of data and statistics. This minor assumes prior experience with statistics and computing before declaring, allows more student flexibility for a combination of theory and analytics, and includes only STAT courses.

Program Requirements: Minor in Statistics

The minor in Statistics requires two core courses and three restricted elective courses. In total the minor in Statistics requires 15 credit hours, plus prerequisite courses. There are two lists of restricted elective courses, those that focus on data analysis and those that are more computational. Of the three restricted elective courses, at least one must be taken from the Data Analysis list. A grade of C- or higher is required for all prerequisite and minor courses.

Prerequisites to Declare the Minor in Statistics

Students must have completed all prerequisite courses to declare the major. Students may use AP credit to meet prerequisite requirements.

Calculus 1

  • MATH 1210: A Survey of Calculus I  OR
  • MATH 1310: Calculus I  OR
  • APMA 1090: Single Variable Calculus I

Introduction to Data Analysis and Computing

  • STAT 1601: Introduction to Data Science with R   OR
  • STAT 1602: Introduction to Data Science with Python   OR 
    • Introductory Statistics (one of STAT 1100, STAT 1120, STAT 2020, STAT 2120, APMA 3110, APMA 3120)  AND
    • Introductory Programming (one of CS 1110, CS 1111, CS 1112, CS 1113)

Core Courses: Minor in Statistics

Statistical Linear Modeling

  • STAT 3220: Introduction to Regression Analysis

Statistical Computing

  • STAT 3080: From Data to Knowledge  OR
  • STAT 3250: Data Analysis with Python

Restricted Electives: Minor in Statistics

The Data Analysis restricted electives and the Computational restricted electives are listed below. Students must take three restricted electives, with at least one from the Data Analysis list.

Note: Students cannot use the same course as both a core course and a restricted elective; a course can be used to satisfy only one requirement of the Minor in Statistics

Data Analysis Restricted Electives: Minor in Statistics

  • STAT 3120: Mathematical Statistics
  • STAT 3130: Sample Surveys
  • STAT 3480: Nonparametric and Rank-Based Statistics
  • STAT 4120: Applied Linear Models
  • STAT 4130: Multivariate Statistics
  • STAT 4160: Experimental Design
  • STAT 4170: Financial Times Series and Forecasting
  • STAT 4220: Applied Analytics for Business
  • STAT 4630: Statistical Machine Learning
  • STAT 4800: Advanced Sports Analytics I

Computational Restricted Electives: Minor in Statistics

  • STAT 3080: From Data to Knowledge
  • STAT 3250: Data Analysis with Python
  • STAT 3280: Data Visualization and Management


The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record contains the official academic program requirements.